Tally On Cloud Single User GST Ready – 1 Month Plan (Silver)

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1. RUN Tally anywhere, anytime, any OS or device on Any Web browser.
2. No dependency on location, time or person. Access or work on Tally any time.
3. No headache of maintaining hardware and software. We take care of everything.
4. Centralize the data and your business operation without the need for synchronization.
5. Forget all problems like slow performance, data corruption, data rewrite, out of memory.
6. The tally performance will be improved minimum 10 times.
7. Completely get rid of the risk of a computer crashing and system failure.
8. Quick Data, Quicker Decisions, and Complete Control.
9. No limits on working hours, location or hardware.
10. No maintenance, No headaches but only peace of mind for you.
Additional Benefits
All basic features
Recycle Bin
Negative Cash Control
Show cash and bank balance on Daybook
Show party previous balance

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Tally.ERP 9 Cloud Platform A Dream Came True is Managing your business while on the move is no longer a dream. We enable you with real-time business data collaboration using Tally.ERP9 – The most accepted ERP software by the business community. Businesses run better with Tally.ERP9. And businesses run best with Tally on Cloud. Get the best of both worlds today. Tally on Cloud acts as a Multi-Tier application that works seamlessly over the Internet in a distributed business environment across multiple business locations or branches giving you worldwide access. It is agile, comprehensively compatible and highly flexible to give you anywhere and anytime access.
How Tally Cloud Boost Your Business?

1. No need to install Tally software on any of your local systems.
2. Tally and Data will be safely hosted on our servers in our data center.
3. You can access your Tally or Data with a username and password.
4. Every one-hour data will be backed up automatically.
5. You can take print out directly on your default local printer (Laser/Dot-matrix/Thermal/POS).
6. You can use your own configurations or customization files.
7. Data will be totally under your control. You can upload or download whenever you want.
8. Data access will be limited only to the owner of the company.
9. You can create and maintain unlimited companies and users in Tally.
10. You can export any tally report to your local hard disk.